Let me 1st start by saying I’m one of those guys who doesn’t buy anything unless I can see unbiased reviews or I’m one of those guys who won’t buy electronics on Ebay unless the seller has 100% feedback. I’m also one of those guys who doesn’t appreciate a sales pitch or usually doesn’t trust someone who goes out of their way to please me with a service. I must say, all that changed after my DKI experience. I have a bit more faith in the “it’s all about the customer” business motto.

My smoke filled home from a neighbors fire left me wondering how was I going to recover from headaches and how would I get my home clean again. Matt from DKI assured me that his service and his business would take care of me and my home. At a time when smoke damage can leave anyone open to vulnerability and pressure, Matt from DKI assured me he could take control of my situation and make things easy for me… it almost sounded too good to be true, but when you hear honesty and hear good business, you hear truth.

Not only did I cancel any other businesses from my insurance authorized list, but I signed up with DKI before even listening to anyone else. That goes to shows how well Matt explained and handled my situation and I can report here today, with enthusiasm, that less than 30 days later my home is smoke free and cleaner than before my incident. I am so impressed with the work performance and the use of chemical-free cleaners,that there are literally no ways to fully show my appreciation than to share my gratitude.

Saul and Carlos came into my home and explained their work, they poured through every personal belonging I own and I never once felt the need to be concerned about their work performance. They made me feel comfortable about their roles in my restoration. They literally cleaned any and everything and put things back the way they found it. I am truly grateful for the hard work they put forth and cannot stress enough that if I could do it all again, I would want no one else doing the job.

These guys were amazing and articulate and did exactly what Matt offered on day 1… from day 1. Angelo, Matt and Mike along with Saul and Carlos delivered a professional job worthy of extreme praise and all efforts for me to share. Thank you guys, and not only did they do such a great job, but as a gadget guy, I went and purchased the very same equipment they used to dust and clean with. It definitely was top notch and a green product. And as a special needs parent, I truly appreciate even more the idea of cleaning my home with chemical-free products! Thanks again DKI for a professional outstanding job.

Ivan, Homeowner

When we discovered the leak in our finished basement we were horrified. We assessed the damage and knew immediately it was no small endeavor. The carpet was soaked. The walls had mold and pipe was still leaking. We both solve problems for a living, but this catastrophe was overwhelming in the moment. We certainly had more questions than answers. It didn’t take long for us to realize we needed help from someone we can trust and someone that had experience.

Within minutes of our phone call Angelo took the lead. He assured us the problem would be taken care of and the first phone call was the only call we had to make. We gratefully stepped aside to allow the experts to take over. His team rushed to remediate the mold issue. Valerie kept us informed and expeditiously moved the project through the chain of events.

Should you have the great misfortune of having a problem like ours feel confident in calling DKI. There is no better friend than experience.

Darren T. McCarthy

Throughout the project the project manager from Hudson Valley Contracting & DKI was in daily contact with us, as well as the supervisors of each of the subcontractors. Thanks to the overall Throughout the project the project manager from Hudson Valley Contracting & DKI was in daily contact with us, as well as the supervisors of each of the subcontractors. Thanks to the overall management oversight the entire project and the quality of the prime contractor’s staff as well as the subcontractors, the work went smoothly over the 5 months of work required to restore the house to “like new” condition.

Mr. Finch