Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

commercial furniture cleaningIn all of the office hustle and bustle, your office furniture can take a beating. From regular employee use to continual turnover in visitors using your office furniture, your upholstered furniture can acquire a buildup of dust, odor, and debris. In order to keep a professional, welcoming and healthy office space, it’s important to professionally clean your upholstered furniture as often as necessary.

DKI takes great pride in having an IICRC Approved Instructor in addition to Certified Master Textile Cleaner with 25 years experience to lead and train our team of textile professionals.

Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

DKI takes great pride in adhering to IICRC S300 standards for on-location cleaning of textiles. Our low moisture fast drying systems leave your office furniture clean and healthy. Professional upholstery cleaning is necessary from both a visual and a health perspective. Over time furniture will develop a soil load or exhibit staining which necessitates low moisture extraction to return the furniture to a healthy state. Our goal is to provide a healthy and welcoming professional environment for you and your valued clients to enjoy.
Upholstered furniture is an investment; cleaning and proper maintenance will add years of life to the fabric while maintaining visual appeal. To reupholster or replace the fabric is expensive and time-consuming. Cleaning requirements will vary depending on use and the environment.
The majority of furniture manufacturers recommend having furniture cleaned ever 12 to 24 months. Trust your textile cleaning needs to the IICRC certified professional textile cleaners. We clean from a health perspective.

DKI IICRC Certified Professional Textile Cleaners

At DKI, our trained professionals have the tools and solutions that will safely and effectively extract stains, odor, and debris from your upholstered furniture. We implement safe practices and will first test our solutions and cleaning products to see how they’ll react to your furniture. Using up-to-date cleaning technologies, we’ll leave your furniture clean and fresh from chemical residue, extending the lifespan of your furniture and providing a welcoming professional atmosphere.

We take pride in stating that our teams are fully insured, licensed and registered to do business in New York. Call us today, we’d love to do business with you.

Hudson Valley DKI facilities maintenance Division not only handles our client’s regular scheduled maintenance; Emergency Service 24 Hours 7 days a week for emergencies Involving natural disasters: water damage, fire and smoke damage Mold remediation and environmental testing services.