Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning


commercial hard floor cleaning servicesWhen it comes to hard surface floors the commercial market is well known for significant use due to durability and unique design options. DKI has the education and experience to handle all your facilities hard surface cleaning needs. The best maintenance programs for hard surfaces should always strive for optimum visual appearance while helping the facility to control costs. Janitorial services is one of the largest costs to a commercial facility. Our goal at DKI is to always partner with the facility to help control costs.

 Importance of Hard Floor Cleaning

Team DKI is dedicated to our clients. Our management team is always available to visit your facility to monitor areas subject to heavy traffic to make recommendations or help answer any questions concerning the maintenance of the facility. Many forms of soil can be tracked into the building. Dirt, sand, asphalt, and oils from the parking lot are easily tracked through the building relating to floors that quickly look unattractive. Winter months bring interesting challenges and quickly deteriorate the floors finish. Clean maintained floors not only add to the facilities appearance of the facility they help to limit possible injury. Employing the use of mats both inside and out are a
key element in stopping soils and debris from entering the building. One of our keys to effective hard surface maintenance is controlling dust. We have the proper tools and education to save your facility money while maintaining optimum appearance.

DKI IICRC Certified Professional Hard Floor Cleaners

Hudson valley DKI facilities maintenance Division not only handles our client’s regular scheduled maintenance; Emergency Service 24 Hours 7 days a week for emergencies Involving natural disasters: water damage, fire and smoke damage Mold remediation and environmental testing services.