Finding Help In A Water Emergency

Sep 27, 2018

Standing water in your homewater damage cleanup newburgh, water damage newburgh,— whether from rain, broken pipes or a hole in the roof– requires an immediate and professional response. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you when experience major water damage:

Starting Cleanup On Your Own

The worst mistake that homeowners can make is jumping into clean-up without a plan and adequate documentation. Don’t clean up anything by yourself until you document the damage. Engage your disaster restoration service first; choose one very familiar with working with insurance companies. They can successfully complete the needed paperwork and help you prepare all documentation to prove the extent of damages to your carrier.

Underestimating A Dangerous Situation

Even when damage doesn’t look extensive, you need to be aware of hidden dangers. Don’t wade into water; you might trip or cut yourself. Turn off the electricity to any area with standing water; you will need a good flashlight to see the debris.

Remember all water is not equal; be aware that sources could include sewage waste, chemicals, and seawater.  Knowing the contaminants in the water is imperative since it determines the safety equipment required and the course of remediation.

Using The Wrong Techniques And Equipment

Common household cleaning items such as mops, brooms, and shop vacuums work well for an everyday kitchen spill. However, even the best home vacuum or steam cleaner is no match for standing water in the house. By the time you can get the carpet dry, moisture damage and mold might have already started. Professional water damage remediation teams bring the manpower plus include industrial strength tools and products. Get a team that can work faster than the potential damage.

Waiting Too Long For Service

The most expensive mistake you can make is delaying a full response. The hours that you spend dabbing, wiping and trying to contain the mess have an exponential effect on future damage. As the dirty water gets absorbed into any porous surfaces, the mold spores begin to grow and create a second problem to solve. So the sooner you get an experienced disaster restoration service out to your property, the fewer problems in the long run.  

Rushing To Hire Help

Invest some time when choosing a team. Ask your neighbors for recommendations, read reviews, check with the BBB.  Gather quotes from a few companies and compare the offerings. When selecting your bid, don’t just go for the service that offered you the lowest cost. Trust the team that best analyzes your situation and can clearly explain the reasoning.

Attempting Demolition With Amateurs

Anyone would dread a demolition project; inexperienced contractors could make the problem worse. Consult with a team that takes the time to assess your situation, determines steps to lessen any damage and streamline the reconstruction process. The common goal should be to find the least costly, least intrusive demolition method for the damage at hand.

Safety must be a priority. Demolition can reveal certain health and safety hazards including mold, asbestos, and lead. Choose a team that will comply with all precautions to ensure materials are handled safely.  

Do You Need Water Damage Experts In Newburgh?

Now that you have a minute to assess the damage, are you able to handle the cleanup yourself? A full-service company can get the equipment and resources you need to protect your home from further harm. Consider which options you might need: water damage mitigation, biohazard remediation, board-up services, temporary power, or even complete reconstruction. Your first step is to contact Hudson Valley DKI at (845) 637-3987 or