Common Causes Of Water Damage

Aug 07, 2018

water damage cleanup warwick, water damage repair warwickThe causes of water damage are vast. To prevent water damage from occurring in your home you need to be on guard against all these possibilities. Although it is impractical to constantly be checking all these potential sources of water damage, it is still very helpful to at least know what all of these potential sources are and what you can do about it. Nonetheless, if you have any questions about water damage or any water damage issues whatsoever, you should contact the pros at Hudson Valley DKI in the Warwick area for help. Here are a few of those common causes of water damage and what you can do about them.

Flat Roofs

Ironically, flat roofs are not really flat. They still have a least a small amount of grade to them. This is because there needs to be a way for things to run off of your roof. This build-up of debris on your roof can create enough pressure upon your roof to cause it to collapse in slightly. This slight collapse will only cause more water and debris to build upon that weak spot on your roof. Eventually, this can roof completely collapsing in or at least leaking water into your home.


Your gutters are a common source of water damage issues. Similarly to a flat roof, problems with your gutters occur when debris builds up in your gutters causing water to overflow at points near your home that would be damaged by overflowing water. It’s not fun, but regularly cleaning your gutters is an important way of keeping your home water damage free.

Leaky Pipes

If you have a leaking pipe then this can often lead to destructive water damage in your home without your even being aware. The problem here is that the water can leak in a loft or under your floorboards and might just be a very subtle dripping. This can lead to mold growth so if you see any mold or detect a musty smell you could have a leaky pipe.

HVAC Malfunctions

HVACs, (heating, ventilating and air conditioning units), are also a common cause of water damage. Air conditioners, in particular, require regular servicing, and when not maintained properly they can cause moisture buildup. When the moisture cools, it can interact with mold spores in the air conditioning ducts and encourage mold to grow inside.

Weather And Natural Disasters

While you have no control over natural water-related disasters, you can take all the preventative measures possible ahead of time to minimize their effect on your home. Flash floods, sudden storms, and hurricanes can all trigger water buildup. 

Broken Appliances

Lots of water run through many of your appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. If there are any malfunctions with these appliances or they begin to leak, a large amount of flooding or water damage could occur. Make sure to perform regular maintenance on your appliances and look out for any issues.

Hopefully, you are able to avoid all these potential sources of water damage and water damage altogether! But if you do find your home flooded or damaged by water, our certified professionals at Hudson Valley DKI in the Warwick area are just a call away.