How To Prevent Water Damage In Newburgh

Jul 16, 2018

Water damagewater damage newburgh, water damage cleanup newburgh may be something that you almost never think about on a day to day basis. However, if you have experienced it and needed to hire a water damage repair professional, then prevention is probably something that is on your mind. Here are a few ways to prevent water damage in your Newburgh home.

Clean Spills

It may seem obvious that you should clean spills immediately after they occur, but it can be difficult to stay up on every single mess that is made, especially if the mess isn’t your own. People are more likely to clean spills from something that will stain like wine or soda than to clean up spills from water, but water spills will require just as much water damage repair in the long run. In carpeting, the water will get trapped underneath the fibers, if you allow the spill to sit, and will make a home in the carpet pad. This layer is dark, moist, and warm, which is a perfect environment for mold to grow in. You could be growing mold right now and not even know it. Wood flooring can be equally susceptible to trapping moisture in the subfloor and will be just as likely to grow mold. Just because spills are easy to clean off of wood, doesn’t mean that they don’t affect the flooring underneath.


You surely notice a smell in your basement if it is musty down there, but did you know that basements don’t have to be that way? If you invest in a good dehumidifier, you can suck a lot of the moisture out of the air and limit the damp smell and mold growth. Mold will only grow if it is in a good environment and one of the necessary things mold needs to grow is moisture. If there is no moisture, there will be no mold, and that is best achieved by running a dehumidifier. You can also try to increase ventilation to your basement by installing vents or setting up a fan.

Check Pipes

When you move into a home, you should have your pipes inspected before you buy. Different pipe material breaks down at different rates, so you should be aware of how old your pipes are and what they are made of. This way you will know about how corroded they are so you can budget in repairs or replacements before you run into leaks or bursts. You should also make sure you winterize or set your temperature at a base temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit if you have a summer cabin that is vacant in the winter. Prevention is the best way to avoid water damage repair, but if you do have water damage issues, you should contact a professional immediately. You may be able to mop up water and dry it with fans, but there is almost always moisture stuck within the flooring or the walls that could lead to health problems or structural issues.