Water Damage in Goshen

May 10, 2015

If you have ever experienced flooding, a broken water line, or a plumbing emergency that has left your home filled with water, then you know that water can cause some major damage and can be an unpleasant event. Water cleanup, also known as water remediation, involves extracting the water, and thoroughly drying the affected area quickly before additional damage can occur and before mold growth begins.

Hiring a professional for water cleanup in Goshen is often the quickest way to restore your property to pre-loss condition, and is the best way to ensure that areas of hidden moisture are detected and addressed so they don’t create long-term problems. Water remediation professionals use advanced moisture detection equipment, and extraction and drying equipment to speed up the process.

Things to Know About Water Damage Cleanup

When water floods your home, it can travel behind walls, under floorboards, and seep through ceilings. Water will always seek out the lowest point, meaning that if you have flooding from an upstairs bathroom, your likely to have water damage in the room below or in the ceiling.

The type of water damage you have and the source of the water will determine the correct cleanup protocols. Contaminated water and sewage water requires additional protection and actions to make the affected area safe again.

Water damage that is not addressed quickly can promote mold growth inside the home. Extraction and drying should begin no more than 24 hours after a water damage emergency. Indoor humidity levels should also be monitored and regulated when possible to keep levels below those that promote mold growth.

Goshen Water Damage Cleanup

Hiring a professional for water damage cleanup can help you return to normal quickly after flooding, and ensures that the job gets done correctly, reducing your chances of developing mold. Work with a trusted, qualified and experienced restoration company that has experience with your type of water loss.

Quickly addressing water damage is very important, since damage will continue to occur until the water is removed and humidity levels are normal. For small areas that are addressed immediately, homeowners may be able to do water damage cleanup themselves. But for large affected areas, or if there is a significant amount of water present, or if the water has been present for more than 24 hours, a water damage cleanup professional in Goshen should be called.

Hudson Valley Contracting & DKI provides emergency water damage cleanup in Goshen and other areas of Orange County, NY. If you have experienced a water damage emergency, call us and we will respond quickly, evaluate the damage, and provide an estimate before beginning work. Our emergency water damage technicians will respond anytime, 24 hours a day, for water damage emergencies.